Manufacturer: Trendmasters

In the mid nineties (1996 - 1997) Trendmasters brought the cats and dogs from the computergame Petz (Catz and/or Dogz) to life with a serie of plush cats and dogs that looked just like the ones from the computergame.

The cats (and also dogs) all have their own name and breed and thanks to their special eyes, they can adopt four different facial expressions, namely: happy, sad, surprised and sleepy.  The bowl, mouse (bone for a dog) and brush that are included with each cat, also bring forth different reactions from the cats thanks to sensors.  If you place the cat near the bowl, the cat will start to make a noise as if it is munching on dry food (sensor in the mouth).  Brushing your cat makes the cat purr from enjoyment (sensor in the back).  And playing together with the mouse produces miauwing sounds from your cat (sensor in the paw).  On the collar, which serves as voice box basically, around the neck of each pet stands either "Catz" for a cat and "Dogz" for a dog.

The PC game on which these cats and dogs were based was produced by P.F. Magic.  The very first version came out in 1995 and after this four more followed the succesful first game.  Catz and Dogz 5 however wasn't created anymore by P.F. Magic but rather by Studio Mythos instead.

With the second brought out game, fans were able to own small plush cats and / or dogs called Fuzzy Beanz.  These smaller versions of the already well known large plush versions were released in 1998.  Just as their big brothers and sisters these small pets can express four sentiments thanks to their special eyes.

Comparison game and plush:


Sophisto (sadly I have no picture of a plush version)


Jester (sadly I have no picture of him as a plush toy)


Photogallery KittyCatz and PuppyDogz: ( I don't own any of these darlings myself so all pictures on this page belong to other people)

The box of KittyCatz:  (these pictures belong to someone else)

Photogallery Fuzzy Beanz:  ( I don't own any of these darlings so all pictures belong to other people)