Rainbow Love Pets

Manufacturer Soma Traders, Ltd.

Brought out in 1984, this line is also known under My Little Pony fans as MLP fakies and MLP Friend fakies.

The serie line includes a giraffe, an elephant a pony and an unicorn as far as I know.  These four animals were released in different colours but always in the same pose and always with rainbow colored hair.  And some of them hold the unique ability to glow in the dark.  Note also that whilst the giraffe and the elephant have a cute symbol on their body, the pony and horse don't.  They have white hooves instead.

Each animal of the Rainbow Love Pets serie was sold together with a brush that holds an image of a rainbow on the back. 

Photogallery: ( I don't own any of these sweeties myself so all pictures on this page belong to other people)

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