Lady Lovely Locks CurlyKittens aka Palace Pets

                                                                                      Manufacturer: Mattel                                                                                          (sadly I don't own a single one of these sweethearts so all pictures on this page are property of other people)

Created in 1988 for the Lady Lovely Locks serie.  These six cats all come with a comb, a bow, a butterfly pixietail and have their own unique flower scent.  Later on Mattel re-used the mould of these kittens as a base to create the Little Pretty kitten line.  The Little Pretty kittens however all hold a symbol on their hip whilst the CurlyKittens have blank hips.  Furthermore whilst the CurlyKittens only come in two different positions, laying down or sitting up, the Little Pretty cats come in far more different poses.  Other changes are also present in the kitties like the ears of Curlykittens are larger and are spaced further apart, wider area of rooted hair on the head that also extends nearly down to the neck, the whiskers are longer, the inner side of the ears is painted soft pink, the eyes look slightly different, the shape of the nose is more realistic, the chin is prominent and the bottom of the kitties is flat without any paw marks and contains a large hole.

Under fans the CurlyKittens are also known as Palace Pets.

Photogallery CurlyKittens:

Creamy Coat: (purple butterfly pixietail with pink and purple hair, purple flower comb and two pink ribbons)

Peachy Puff: (aqua butterfly pixietail with green and yellow hair, aqua flower comb and two white ribbons)

Pinky Paws: (aqua-blue butterfly pixietail with blue and purple hair, aqua-blue comb and two purple ribbons)

Purple Purr: (aqua-blue butterfly pixietail with blue and pink hair, aqua-blue comb and two yellow ribbons)

Sapphire Shy: (yellow butterfly pixietail with yellow and pink hair, yeelow flower comb and two pink ribbons)

Sunny Soft: (pink butterfly pixietail with purple and pink hair, pink comb and two blue ribbons)

Group pictures:

Combs and pixietails:

Photogallery Promo-pictures:

Sidenote Silky Pup:

Silky Pup is Lady Lovely Locks loyal and playful little dog that helps her take care of the Pixietails.