Meow Meow's Wonderland

Manufacturer: ?  (it was made in China though)

Released in 1994, Meow Meow's Wonderland is part of a small toy serie that exists out of three different sets to collect.  You have the funfair that is associated to the little cats, named: Meow Meow's Wonderland.  A little town with playground that comes with little bear figurines, named: Teddy's Wonderland.  And finally also a beach set that has baby figurines, named: Tropical Baby Fun.

These fun sets appear to all have been sold in dollar stores and stores known for its low prices.  The reason behind this is most probably because the sets are knock-offs and not from an official brand.

Note also that it appears that for Teddy's Wonderland small carry-around containers were released to help enlarge the playset.


Meow Meow's Wonderland: ( I don't own this set myself so all pictures are property of other people)

Teddy Wonderland and Tropical Fun Babies: (pictures are property of other people)

Advertisements:  (only found for Teddy's Wonderland though)