Identification still needed ...

( I don't own any of these sweeties myself so all pictures on this page belong to other people)

If you can ID one of the series below, please mail me at:

My Lovely Kitty / My Kitty House:

A lovely set of plastic cats in various colors and positions that come with a little playground it seems. The cats either have a bow on the top of their head, a little party head or nothing. Above the double green door stands: "My Kitty House". Above the swing stands the text: "My Lovely Kitty". So far I have only come across these kitties on French second hand sites and second hand sites from The Netherlands.

Pictures are from sale adds and don't belong to me.

Little Pretty Fakies:

These darlings so far have been popping up in The Netherlands and in Poland.  They look very similar to the Little Pretties from Mattel, however there are some differences:

1) These sweeties are bigger than the Little Pretties. 

2) They all seem to come in the same pose which ressembles the pose from Little Pretty Frosty Fur. 

3) And they all hold the same symbol - two butterflies in various colors - whilst the Little Pretties each have their own and unique symbol on their hip.  Not to forget that whilst the Little Pretties hold their symbol only on one hip, these darlings show their butterfly symbol on both hips. 

On their feet stands the marking: "Made in China 2", each foot holding one word/number.   

So far we know off a white cat, a yellow cat, a purple cat, an orange cat and a blue cat.  The butterfly symbol color varies between blue, purple and green.

The pictures below belong to Telelle and nhtpirate1980.  The white cat with blue butterflies, the yellow cat with purple butterflies and the purple cat with blue butterflies are from Telelle's collection.  The orange cat with green butterflies and the blue cat with green butterflies are from nhtpirate1980.

Lady Lovely Locks fakies:

These sweeties seem to be inspired upon the dog and cats from the Lady Lovely Locks serie appearance wise.  They come in various colors and exist in two sizes, namely large versions (mother cat perhaps) and smaller versions (the kitten then).  Neither version holds any marking and their hair exists out of two rows of hair-plugs all the way down the back (similar to the Lady Lovely Locks dog).  So far they have surfaced in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Great Brittain where they got sold in low price shops or with the bootlegs in supermarkets.

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